How to Avoid the Most Common Exterior Painting Mistakes

Your house paint has a great contribution to your curb appeal and the house’s overall aesthetics. And even if some have used just the best quality of paint, and have hired a reliable and efficient painting services Round Rock, there are still homeowners who want to purchase their own paints according to their preference and do the tasks on their own. If you are the latter and want to do everything on our own, it is important to recognize how important will be the whole process is in the maintenance of the paint, as painting mistakes can result in negative and irreversible consequences.

The following are the common painting mistakes that homeowners usually commit:

1.You prepared the weathered wood very poorly

When you try to paint a wood that has been bare and exposed to different elements for a couple of weeks will lead to peeling ad cracking paint after just a year or two. Avoid this by preparing your weathered wood thoroughly b sanding and priming it before your put on the new paint.

2.You did not apply some primer

A coat primer will provide benefits no matter where you use it. This is effective especially to those woods that have not been previously painted. You still need to clean, sand, and prepare your wood before putting on some paint.

3.You did not check for some moisture sources behind the wood.

When there is some moisture seeping into the wood, ti can result in ot the wood peeling and blistering. One way to solve is a careful caulking. What do you need to check? Check for some open seams at corner joints and anywhere near the doors and windows. When you notice some cranks and splits on the siding, seal them with siliconized acrylic caulk.

4.You fail at painting at the proper spread rate

Some homeowners try to economize the paint by applying the paint thinly. But whet they fail to understand is that paints perform the best when applied at the recommended spread rate. When you apply too thinly, this can result in different failures such as earlier cracks and peeling than what you expected. Also, it can lead to more susceptibility to mildew formation that makes your structure faster damage and deterioration

5.You did not apply the latex paint in the right weather

Of course, everyone knows that t is not ideal to paint your exterior walls when it is raining as this leads to early paint failure. However, some homeowners tend to paint under a very cold temperature or very hot temperature. A very cold temperature keeps the paint from adhering to the wall’s surface properly. The same thing also applies during a very hot weather condition as it impairs the durability of the paint’s film.

Final thoughts

The above-mentioned practices are surprisingly done by a lot of homeowners, and these are the very things you need to avoid. Even if you are faithful to your paint’s quality, it is still important to apply them correctly.


Be Your Own Boss: How to Start a Hotshot Business

More and more people are trying their luck in the hotshot trucking service as this industry offers a lot of advantages including fast profit and convenient working hours. There are several trusted private companies like the Hot Shot Odessa TX that started small and now has grown into one of the most trusted and chosen local service in their locality.

As mentioned, being a hotshot truck driver is easy and convenient. First of all, you are your own bosses, and unlike being employed by a private and public company, you choose your most convenient date, time, and clients.

The hot shot trucking often involves one destination and so, you can complete one run while carrying several loads all at the same time. Also, these businesses are ideal for local and regional areas and are highly profitable and convenient.

If you wish to start a business in this industry, the following tips might help you succeed:

1.Go and apply for MC and USDOT Numbers

Go and visit the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s website, to apply for a USDOT number. This number will serve as the identifier of your company when it comes to safety reports, inspections, crash investigations, audits, and reviews. Remember to read carefully all the instructions that FMCSA provides to ensure the right process of application.

In addition to your USDOT, you are also required to obtain MC number, which can have some filing fees.

2.Get an insurance

Since you won’t be working for a company or a management, you will be completely liable for everything you do and carry. So, it is recommended to buy at least $750,000 worth of liability insurance. To be able to have the right amount in your insurance, you will be needing to obtain your membership in the drug and alcohol testing group, DOT number, driving qualifications, and others.

3.Be equipped

Of course, you will need to purchase your own equipment and includes your trailer truck. There are many different trailer trucks you can choose from; choose the one that suits your business type and your budget. The equipment costs for this business are typically lesser than those of the Class 8 trucking businesses. Aside from the trailer, you will also need to purchase small tools necessary for hauling, carrying, etc., such as chains, chords, etc.

You need to balance quality and price. Of course, it is necessary to spend as cheap as you can to increase profit. However, you need to consider the quality of the material you will be using in your service.

4.Seel for loads

There are many ways on how to find loads. You can either go to 123 Loadboard or DAT TruckersEdge for finding freight. This will also connect you to other potential customers. You can also find and download apps to find some clients.

Final thoughts

Many hot shot trucking drivers admit that starting this business many require dedication and some capital, but this holds true to any businesses you may want to start. As long as you take consideration of important steps for realizing this business, all you need to do is to maintain it.