Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home by Pressure Washing Your Driveway and Pavers

Looking to sell your commercial property or home? Curb appeal is a very vital aspect of attracting potential customers. As a matter of fact, the best method to keep your outdoor space looking great is by performing pressure washing. When you have an experienced and professional pressure washer clean your driveway and pavers, you will definitely improve your home’s curb appeal immediately.

Why and How to Immediately Improve Home’s Curb Appeal

Know and Understand the Why

Aside from the enhancement in the visual appearance of your home, pressure washing your driveway and pavers is a very essential aspect in maintaining a building or commercial property. Some commercial properties and buildings develop stains from moss, mildew and mold growth if taken for granted. In addition to that, debris from rainstorms will accumulate and may attract pests and rodents when left ignored.

Be Thorough

Start by eliminating objects on top of your pavers such as furniture, potting plants and anything which covers the surface you need to pressure wash. After that, you will want to get rid of the debris which has already piled up in the corners and cracks of your driveways, yard and pavers. This includes weeds which are living between your pavers as well. You should also make sure that you clean the whole area which includes hard to reach surfaces.

After clearing the pavers and driveways, you should:

  • Dampen the cement and stone.
  • Use a stiff brush in order to get rid as much of the dust and dirt as possible.
  • Pressure wash the surface.
  • After everything dries up, you will want to fill the cracks in with fresh sand.

Hire a Professional Pressure Washing Service Provider

A professional and experienced pressure washer will first take some time to examine the whole area and carefully clean the surfaces of your driveway as well as your pavers. Also, they will evenly clean every section to get rid of the streaks where dirt, dust and any other debris are embedded deeply.

Contact a Professional Pressure Washer

It may be very tempting to secure the exterior of your home by performing a pressure wash all by yourself. However, it is recommended that you need to resist the urge and contact a professional pressure washer instead to complete your yearly pressure washing. Aside from that, not all pressure washing devices are similar nor the equipment included with the other machines.

It can be difficult to control the pressure and the flow of the water, especially when it is the first time you use that machine. If the water pressure is too strong, it may damage the paint job on your exterior leading it to crack or chip. On the other hand, a professional knows the right pressure to apply and understands what tools are used for tricky corners and angles for your house.

Understanding the Surface

A pressure wash uses water with high pressure to remove fungus, mildew, algae, dirt and some other pathogens that are thriving on the surface of your driveway and pavers.


Advantages of Pressure Washing Your Commercial Building

A well-maintained commercial property exterior definitely attracts clients. Whether your commercial property is an apartment community, a strip mall or a business building, a dirty parking area and building usually turn customers away. Pressure washing your property gets rid of the grime and dirt from parking lots, sidewalks, buildings and awnings. The advantages of commercial property pressure washing services include a clean appearance and an increased level of safety for your clients and visitors.


You might think that with enough rainfall, you can avoid performing pressure washing however, rain does not cleanse buildings. As a matter of fact, rain can actually leave streaks of grime and dirt on all sorts of surfaces. Pressure washing has special settings for brick, stucco, stone, wood and some other surfaces. It takes away all sorts of dirt, extra layers like chewing gum and streaks. In addition to that, pressure washing also gets rid of the growing mold and algae outside of your building after an extreme weather condition such as heavy rains. Pressure washing does not affect paint and varnish when you use the appropriate tools. Actually, the washing will bring back the colors of the surfaces.

Stone, brick and wood fences also benefit from pressure washing by eliminating stains and streaks, along with algae and mold growth. A lot of buildings have awnings which accumulate dirt aside from bird debris and rainwater. A thorough soft pressure wash gets rid of stains from solid surface awnings.

Parking Lots, Driveways and Patios

A lot of restaurants offer outdoor dining under a shaded area. The deck or pavement should be kept as spotless as the flooring inside the area. Furthermore, pressure washing keeps the patio areas clean as well as eliminates stains from spills.

A commercial property pressure wash includes parking lots around buildings, paved driveways, entrances to buildings as well as public sidewalks. Driveways into commercial properties, including apartment communities usually have oil, debris and dirt from tires. Aside from that, the pavement of multi-level garages also requires to have oil and dirt taken out for safety of both drivers and pedestrians.

A clean parking space is very vital for safety purposes. Individuals can fall or slip on an oily flooring, or may trip in a pavement with spilled food and drinks. Sweet food and drinks left on the ground may attract rodents and insects. Drive through buildings and restaurants with take-out foods must consistently have parking spaces totally cleaned with a very strong pressure wash.

Steps and walkways leading into the building require to be clean for appearances and safety reasons. This is usually very important after a storm has left debris and mud puddles.

Pressure Wash Prior to Your Paint Job

Whether it is time to change the color or the exterior of your house needs a new paint coating, you will still extend your paint job’s life by removing mold and grime with pressure washing. New paint job will have a difficult time sticking to the surfaces of your home’s exterior if you do not totally clean them first.


How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Roofing?

It is simple to see when it is already time to annually pressure wash the exterior portion of your home however, homeowners usually forget about their roofing. While your roofing might not require much attention like the rest of your house, it is also very important to keep in mind that the rain does not wash the shingles at all. As a matter of fact, wind and rain can result to building up of debris and dirt on your roof that can also result to the formation of moss and algae.

How Often You Must Pressure Wash Your Roof?

A pressure wash is basically recommended nation-wide every 2 or 3 years. However, in some places, homes may require more often, especially in places that experience extreme weather conditions. You may also want to ensure that you’re always compliant with the homeowner’s guidelines. If you see any dark patches on your roofing, it may indicate a sign of mold formation.

It all depends on the materials of your roof whether you may require to take additional care when performing pressure washing. In fact, an asphalt composite shingle roofing needs a soft pressure wash which does not damage the granules in your shingles. Also, tile roofing requires a soft pressure wash.

Asphalt Roofing

A pressure wash on the asphalt composite shingle roofing needs no greater than 30 psi. This is actually the same with a garden sprayer however, you may require a special tool in order to safely reach the whole roof. Professional pressure washers should perform pressure washing on an asphalt roofing. In addition to that, a professional pressure wash should include a special non-toxic cleaning agent which does not damage the metal fastenings or shingles for that matter.

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is very popular all over the world. It is very necessary to take special preventative measures not to crack the tiles while doing the pressure washing. Ceramic and clay tile roofing needs similar low setting like on asphalt tile materials. Also, you can seal clay tiles with some protective coats which does not allow the formation of moss and some other organisms.

Rain Gutters

They are basically part of the roofing system and require to be pressure washed when full of leaves, debris and dirt. A careful pressure washing cleans the downspout and most gutters as well.

This prevents the development of mold on the walls of your building as well as under the roof eaves. A thorough pressure washing on the roof should be done by professional and experienced pressure washers.

Protect the Exterior of Your Home with Yearly Pressure Washing

Home exteriors are very essential and require a professional wash annually in order to ensure good air quality through soffits and maintain a longer life on your paint job. It is inevitable that the exterior of your home will accumulate dirt from the surroundings however, you can just lessen the cost of maintenance with a yearly pressure wash by hiring a professional and experienced pressure washer.